Charts and Graphs

chartle.netChartle is a fantastic web 2.0 tool, for charts and graphs! Extremely easy to use, this tool is perfect for getting students to graph information and results from surveys or questionnaire activities in business studies.

3 R GROUP WORKStep 1. Variety of graphs & chart options.

Step 2. Add a title to your graph and update the information.

Step 3. See the changes as you update the Data.

Step 4. Publish, Share or Embed.





3 R GROUP WORK Chartgizmo is a great teacher tool for making graphs and charts. It also allows you to create charts/graphs for your blog, social network profile etc. It is simple to use but contains more advanced options compared to Chartle.


Design: This gives the user more options, perfect for teachers designing labelled graphs/charts for classroom presentations.

Preview: This allows you to see the changes as you make them.



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