Student Projeqts


“Dynamic presentations for a real-time world.”

I stumbled across Projeqt when researching new web 2.0 tools for my masters module, and what a little gem it is. Projeqt is a new way to share ideas and communicate stories. Perfect for getting students to working on class projects.

My guide to Projeqt

Getting Started

QbaseProfile: Add a title, description and tags to your project.

Security & Sharing: Projeqt has the necessary security setting for student work. Options for private or public projeqts.

There is also an option to enable a guest account.

Sharing is optional with just a tick of the box.

Comments can be enabled or dis-enabled.


Personalize your projeqt


As a non-linear storytelling platform, Projeqt gives you ability to add style and personality to your unique project.

Layout: views can be changed, from filmstrip to grid view, and there’s a full-screen option.

Colour Palette: background can be customise to dark or light (free version) or with colour (plus version).

Background: pictures can be added to the background to add to your project theme.

Features of Projeqt

Multi-Media and Social Media Driven


Projeqt allows you to pull in live feeds from a variety of social medias, as shown above. This allows your project to live in real time to be shared with everyone.

Projeqt also provides you with with a multimedia driven vehicle, as it allows you to mesh together text, images, videos, feeds, PDF’s etc. in order to capture and tell your story.

The Dashboard 

QbaseThe dashboard is far from hard to figure out, in fact it is quite simple.

On the left hand side you can find your multimedia and social media options – click to add.

The top right is where you can find your theme editor, projeqt settings and project lists – click to edit.

The middle is your projeqt itself. Once you have uploaded your multimedia or social media feeds you can ‘drag, hover and move your slides around to edit your projeqt.’


Projeqt is the perfect platform for students working on long-term projects (or indeed short term projects). It combines creativity and uniqueness. No one projeqt will ever be the same. I encourage you to explore Projeqt for yourself – make a sample one, explore the wide variety of content options and most of all have fun with this alternative non-linear presentation tool!


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