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viral marketing

The WestJet Christmas Mircale, is a viral hit. It has attracted an astonishing  15 million hits and climbing on YouTube since it was posted. The video shows the airline surprising travellers at their arrival at the Calgary airport with the presents they wished for hours earlier.

“The best way to build a brand is to connect with consumers emotionally, and this video does just that,” said Tandy Thomas, a Queen’s University marketing and branding expert.

Other examples of Viral Marketing Campaigns include;

T-moblie – The T-mobile dance

John Lewis – The Bear and The Hare


Student Activity for Viral Marketing (Group Work and/or Individual Activities)


  • Evaluate the success of the marketing campaign seen in the viral video under the headings of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Why do you think viral marketing campaigns are successful?
  • Which of the three videos is most successful in your opinion? Give reasons for your answers.
  • “The best way to build a brand is to connect with consumers emotionally.” Does this statement reflect any of the videos seen today? Explain your answer.
  • Is the image to the left a good representation of viral marketing? Refer to one of the videos to explain your answer.
  • Find any other viral marketing video that was used to in a marketing campaign. Evaluate whether it was successful or not?




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