Assessment using Questbase


Questbase allows you to create quizzes, tests, assessments, exams or get feedback from surveys for FREE!

Steps to use Questbase

1. Customize your assessments


You can customize your assessments so that each assessment can always be unique.

Time limits can be applied to add variety to assessments.

Security options can also be applied by adding a password to the assessment which means only students with the password can take the assessment.


2. Chose question type

Quest Base

There are a variety of options for adding questions.

This allows you to add variety to your assessments/quizzes etc.

There is even an essay option which is perfect for creating tests/assessments for English, History etc.



3. Pick a task

QbaseQuestbase is easy to use and navigate.

Simply click on the option you chose; add, preview, publish or review.



4. Add class groups

QbaseQuestbase allows you to create class groups and add students, which is perfect for keeping track of the online assessments taking by each student.

5. Analyse Responses

QbaseWhen students take your assessments/surveys, answers are automatically saved.

You get real-time reports and all responses can be displayed, printed or exported to other programs such as Excel, PDF etc, for later analysis.

Automatic statistics and charts also help you understand the results better, as well as helping students to understand results better.  




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