Popplet Presentations


Popplet – Super Simple, Super smart, Super fun.

Popplet is a platform for sharing your ideas. It is a combinations of mind-mapping, chart-making, presentations and idea creation. Free to sign up, popplet is now my current favorite Web 2.0 tool.

Step 1: Create a Popplet

3 R GROUP WORKName your new project and pick a colour for your platform – Super Simple!!

Step 2: Begin your creation

3 R GROUP WORKDouble click to add a bubble as seen in the image to the left.

This bubble allows you to; change the colour of the bubble, type stuff, draw things or add a picture – Super Smart!!

Step 3: Let your imagination flow

42Features similar Bubbl.us allows you to easily move the position of each bubble and add/remove bubbles if need – Super Fun!!

Step 4: Presentation

Presenting your Popplet ideas is simpler to Prezi – zooming in and out on ideas. By clicking on an area of your presentation it automatically zooms in on the area.

Examples of Popplets used in Subjects

History: Napoleon                                                               Business – History of a Product

popplet History3 R GROUP WORK

Uses for Popplet

  • Explores ideas; mind-mapping, brainstorming, presentations
  • Plans projects
  • Records thoughts; journal/notes/lists
  • Inspiration board; mood boards/scrapbook
  • Study help; notes/projects
  • Collaboration; Group projects/presentations

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