Timelines for Teaching and Learning

DIPITYDipity allows you to take information and organize it by time. By providing digital timeline technology, Dipity allows you to gather real-time sources from social medias for example; YouTube clips/Images etc,  to combine them in a single, easy to use, fun to navigate interface. Dipity is a fun, innovative and powerful web 2.0 tool which allows you to visually research any topic and create free timelines. Dipity is the perfect way for teachers and students to create organized learning aids.

Here are some examples in which Dipity can be used in a selection of subjects;


DIPITYIt goes without saying timelines are extremely important for History. Its almost as if Dipity is made especially for History.

Dates and events can be recorded in an organised way which will help to improve student learning.


dipity 2Dipity can be used to timeline important events in Religion such as;

The Story of Jesus
Abraham’s Journey to Cannan
The Reformation
History of the Catholic Church


DIPITYTimelines can be used in many ways in Business Studies, for example;

To give the history of a company.

To show the changes a company has undergone.

How products have developed over time.


Student Activities using Dipity

Class Collaboration

Ask each student to research and find a media source for one event during a particular period of time; e.g. The American War of Independence. Then get students to log on and add their event and media source to the timeline.

Create, Show and Tell

In C.S.P.E./R.E. get students to create a timeline of their life including important events in their life. Then allow students to present their timeline to the class.

Have fun exploring Dipity!


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