Teaching about Differences

I recently purchased Vol 1. of a TV animated series called Punky (for under  €15) which has 10 episodes. This animated series is perfect for teaching about differences and  I fully intend to use it in Junior Cert R.E. and C.S.P.E.

Punky tells the stories of the everyday life of a girl called Punky, who has Down Syndrome. As a child with Down syndrome, Punky lives in the moment. If something isn’t right, or if someone has a problem, Punky will set out to fix it. To Punky, the solution is always simple.


punky 2

Activities for Punky

Other than Down Syndrome, how is Punky different from any other child?

What personality traits does Punky portray? Are they different from your personality traits?

Make a list of what you have in common with Punky?

What benefits does a programme like Punky have for society?






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