Student Self-Esteem

Self EsteemAs educators we can not underestimate our role in building and maintaining student self-esteem. Students need praise, recognition and respect, but sometimes we tend to focus on the negatives rather than the positives in the classroom.

In terms of its impact on their self-esteem, self-worth and status, everything we do or say is evaluated by students. To help students develop, maintain and build on their self-esteem, we need to show them affection and encouragement throughout lessons.

Here are some strategies I use to help improve student self esteem.

Strategies for improving Student Self- Esteem

Know your students

When we take the time to get to know our students, they feel valued. Learning about their hobbies, pastimes, interests, achievements etc. helps to strengthen our relationship with our students and in-turn students feel respected and loved.

Achievable tasks

By setting work students are capable of doing, students avoid failure. Everyone wants to get it right, so lets not set work that has a failed outcome. Remember to set tasks so there is always something to praise.

42 – ways of saying well done (adapted from ‘Conflict and Confrontation in the Classroom by ‘Sean O’ Flynn and Harry Kennedy )

“I like that”                                                  “That’s Terrific”                                   “Good Work”                        “Excellent”                            “That’s better”

“You’re doing fine”                         “One more try and you have it”             “Keep up the good work”                   “Exactly your right”

“That’s a great idea”                       “Good for you”                        “Nice one”                            “Now that’s what I call good work”              “Good on ya”

“That’s the best you have done to date”            “I always knew you could do it”             “You’re doing that much better today”        “That’s right”

“That’s coming along nicely”             “Keep working at it, it’s improving”             “That’s much better”                 “Super”             “Great”

“You really worked hard today”             “That’s it”                       “You are really learning a lot”                   “That’s the way to do it”

“You’re doing nicely”             “That’s good”                          “Congratulations”                          “That’s better than ever”       “Wow, that is good”

“Wonderful”                       “Fine job you’ve done”              “I do like that”                “Good stuff”            “Brilliant”              “A1”

“You’re improving all the time”                            “Well done”              “Well look at you now”                       “You must have been practisting”

well done


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