Pre-Assessment Techniques

Pre-assessment is used to determine prior knowledge of students which can have a strong impact on present learning. It allows me to make informed decisions when planning lessons around students’ prior knowledge, experience or attitudes about a particular topic. Therefore, I can plan and prepare classes around the students, making learning and assessment student centered.


Each student will recall what they know and what they want to know.

During this exercise students are recalling prior knowledge, feeling or attitudes about a particular topic and relevant experiences with the topic and identifying what they want to know about a topic.

kwlKWL Chart

KWL is a graphic organizer which presents the learning material in a logical order. What I Know, What I Want to Know and What I Have Learned? At the beginning of a topic, students can complete the first two columns; What I Know and What I Want to Know. This enables students to recall their prior knowledge, experiences and attitudes of a topic. After the learning process, students can then self assess what they have learned.



Quizzes are a fun and interactive way of introducing a new topic to students, which allows students to recall their prior knowledge about a topic. As a form of pre-assessment, quizzes assess students for knowledge and understanding of factual information or concepts.


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