My Solution to Group Work

GROUP WORK!! The two words that when put together can give a teacher nightmares! It can go good very well or as we all know it can go horribly wrong!! My solution to the chaos that is group work is my ‘3 R’s Group Work’ (which can also be adapted to 4 R’s Group Work)

3 R’s Group Work

  • Students are assigned into small groups of three.
  • The groups are given a real-life (authentic) case study.
  • Within the group each student is given an important role; Reader, Recorder and Reporter.



This student must read the case study to the group.



This student must record the group’s answers.



This student must report the groups answers/findings to the class.




If a group ends up with an extra student, this student must revise the findings of the group, in a brief summary.


Why it works

One role per student – This works extremely well as each student has an equal role and equal contribution within the group.

Valued Participation – Students participation is valued as each role is needed to complete activity.

Student Responsibility – Each student must pay attention to the group assignment as each student has a responsibility within their group.

Simple and Clear – Its not a complicated methodology, students understand quickly what they have to do.


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