Twitter in Education

Initial Reactions

Twitter-BirdAs part of my Master course I had to set up  a professional Twitter account. I already knew the ‘ins and outs’ of Twitter as I have a personal account, however, you could say I was non-existence in the Twitter world. I never felt comfortable tweeting about my daily routines or what I ate and to be honest I didn’t feel comfortable sharing my opinions on topical issues. Twitter was my way of reading the daily gossip! So needless to say, I was sceptical at how it could be used for educational purposes!

Don’t stop me now!

Now, using my educational (professional) Twitter account, I can’t stop sharing and gathering information! What a difference between my two accounts!  With all the bad press around social medias, Twitter is truely one for the good books!

Sharing and Gathering

teacher_collaboration_with_twitterMy bank of resources has tripled since I first set up my professional Twitter account less than a week ago! Its crazy to think, a social media website, is beneficial to professionals such as teachers. Finding resources is as easy as following people and searching through your news feed! Alternatively, typing a question and attaching a hashtag related to the topic, allows you to automatically receive resources/answers/advice from a variety of educators and sources from around the world. Simple but extremely effective.

My Recommended Twitter Accounts for Educators

#edchatie – An online forum for educators. Weekly chats about education takes place on Mondays 8.30-9.30 p.m.

@edutopia – Based in USA, edutopia shares inspiring resources and information that works in education.

@tesRources – Shares fantastic free teaching resources and offers support for the classroom.

@irishexaminer – Great for current news topics which can be introduce to classroom discussion.

@36viewsofstupid – Non-Religious R.E. in south-east of England, controversial at time but provides R.E. resources

Twitter in the Classroom 

scavenger-huntI have recently posted a blog with five classroom activities which can be adopted to any/most subjects using Twitter. Activities include; 1. Tweet Dialogue between two characters 2. Topical Twitter accounts 3. Location, Location, Location 4. Scavenger Hunt 5. Influential People. Check out the activities in full –

Helpful sites for twitter

Resources for WMSMy most recent blog again is about Twitter and useful sites which enhance its value in education, these include Bitly and Twtpoll – check out the full details and how to use these site here;

Twitter in Education gets the thumbs up from me! 


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