Twitter Classroom Activities


Twitter accounts are easy to set up. Don’t be afraid to make lots of accounts as they can always be deleted. Here are some classroom activities using lots of different student twitter accounts.

1. Tweet Dialogue (English)

othelloProduce a tweet dialogue between two opposing characters about a key issue – each students should be given a different topic/concept/viewpoint to summarize based on the dialogue.

Example; Two characters- Othello and Roderigo

Different Themes – Love of Desdemona/Jealously/Rivalry/Poor vs Rich/Loyalty
2. New Twitter Accounts (Business)

hp-ad-budget-2014Set up a twitter account in the name of a topic and get students to tweet their opinions.

Example; New Twitter Account @spendorsave

Get student to tweet what they would spend their money on or what they save their money for.


3. Location, Location, Location (History and Geography)

locationSend out a Location tweet asking people to tweet their locations. Then use Google maps to pinpoint the different locations.

Give each student a different location to research the different historical or geographical features.


4. Scavenger Hunt (any subject) 

scavenger-huntGive students the task of finding resources/images/videos/maps etc. Then post links to Twitter, and once a resource has been posted, it can not be posted by another student/group.


5. Religious Figures (Religion/History)

Religions_4x5Invite students create a Twitter account for a religious figures (alternatively this can be done in History).

Example; When studying World Religions, students can create an account for different founders/leaders/Gods/influential people etc.




Learning Feedback 

feedback-future-learning-logoAsk student to tweet and reply about what they learned in a class / difficulties they had during a lesson / what classroom activity they liked etc.






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