Fotobabble for Business Studies

Finally I have found a perfect Web 2.0 resource for Business Studies; fotobabbleFotobabble allows you create and share Talking Photos (yes talking photos) in three simple steps: 1) Upload a photo, 2) Record your voice and 3) Share with friends and family. Fotobabble is perfect for teaching Marketing and Enterprise in Business Studies.

Activities using fotobabble in Business Studies;

fotobabbleCreate a alternative marketing campaign of your favourite product.

As part of Student Enterprise, each Mini-Company, must create a fotobabble to advertise their product or service.


Alternatively Fotobabble can be used in R.E. and other subject areas. 

Here are some alternative activities using Fotobabble in the classroom

  • Review products, songs, movies, TV shows, anything.
  • Provide commentary on a photo.
  • Narrate the story behind a special photo.
  • Add a visual element to your poetry or music.

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