Apps for the Classroom

Apps are the perfect way for teachers to vary or change the daily routine within the classroom. The first three apps are for Apple products and unfortunately, I don’t have an iPhone/iPad/Mac but if I did I would certainly download them for the classroom. The last two apps are available for Android phones/tablets which I have downloaded and would definitely recommend.

iLeap Pick a Student

Pick a Student

Free to download on itunes, this app is designed to help teachers pick a student to help or participate in classroom activities in an unbiased way. Students love to see technology like this in the classroom as it makes it more interesting to see who’s next!






DocScanThis app allows ‘scanning and sending a document as high-resolution PDF or zipped JPEG in a matter of seconds.’ Its perfect for taking a digital copy of images or text on a paper document. For Example; isn’t it always hard to find the images/diagrams in the text book online? Not anymore, simply scan, edit (crop, rotate etc.) and use!





TeacherkitThis app is so good it’s described as ‘a teacher’s Swiss Army knife’. This app alone makes me want Apple products as it has tools for classroom organization, behavioral monitoring and grading. It is definitely worth downloading especially because its free!





appThis app can be used in real time where the teacher or students ask a question or start a poll, and immediately interact with each-others responses. Students can take turns to ask a question and get feedback straight away. (good news for me, this app works on any device with a web browser…woohoo!!)





Word PressThis apps allows you to access and update your blog in the classroom; maybe you’d like to share what the students are doing. Students can also update and share whats going on in the classroom or maybe use the app for random on the spot student blog checks! It will keep them on their toes which will mean them updating their blogs!




The best news about each of the above apps is that they are all free, unfortunately some of these apps are not available to those misfortunates,  like myself, who do not own an Apple product (yet!). 


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