Homosexuality Documentary

Out There

Writer, actor and broadcaster Stephen Fry has a new documentary series on BBC Two about homosexuality. As a gay man himself, ‘Out There’ is a project that is particularly close to his heart. He travels to Africa, South and North America, India, Russia and goes around the UK to find out what’s it like to be ‘Out There’.

BBC Two; Stephen Fry; Out ‘There’ Series

Episode 1Episode 1; Stephen travels to Uganda where the government is considering making homosexuality a capital crime. This would create a fantastic classroom discussion where students can discuss homosexuality and the prejudice and discrimination that surrounds it.





Stephen FryEpisode 2: In this episode, Stephen travels to Brazil, Russia and India where he finds the rights of gay people are being attacked by the different governments. This episode would work very well with Human Rights. It would create discussion among students about homosexuality and their rights as human beings.




Why not create a class discussion/project about ‘What it’s like to be Out There in Ireland’.

Can’t wait for the rest of the episodes! Well done Stephen Fry!


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