What Students Listen To

I wonder do students actually realize what they are listening to? Do they know songs are wrote from the real-life experiences of the song writer? Do they understand the true meaning behind the lyrics of a song? 

Stuck in traffic after college one night, I started to concentration on the songs played on the radio and song after song, I began thinking ‘I could use this in R.E.’ Songs with issues such as Homosexuality, Abortion, Racism all played one after another. Extremely valuable resources which are current, new and most importantly students’ love them. I cannot emphasize enough, what an enjoyable learning experience it is, for both student and teacher, when you introduce students’ interests and experiences into a lesson.

Dissecting a song can lead students to find the hidden meaning behind the lyrics of a song (maybe you’ll be surprise to learn that some songs may already have special meanings for students.) In an R.E. lesson this can help students make connections between their interests (music) and lesson topics, and make the learning process become real for students.

There is an endless list of songs which can be used but here are some of my favourites, please feel free to add to my list;

2Pac – Ghetto Gosspel (Racism)

Christina Aguilera – Beautiful (Bullying / Individuality)

Ed Sheeran – Small Bump (Abortion)

Ed Sheeran – The A Team (Drug Addiction)

Jessie J – Price Tag (Materialism / Individuality)

Jessie J – Who’s Laughing Now (Bullying)

Jimmy Eat Worlds – Drugs or Me (Drug Addiction)

Lady Gaga – Born This Way (Individuality)

Michael Jackson – Black or White (Discrimination)

Michael Jackson – The Earth Song (Environment)

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Same Love (Homosexuality)


Please Note: some of these songs can also be used in  S.P.H.E. as both subjects make cross curricula links possible.


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