Fun Teaching Tools

During the week I was made aware of this amazing website; classtools! I was slightly raging that I haven’t come across this site before but also delighted that I now have it in my resource collection! It offers a variety of Web 2.0 resources that bring fun and excitement into the learning environment! If only I had these on teaching practice!

Here is an example of some of the fun available on classtools;


Bad Teacher1. Fruit Picker

Randomly selects a student, which shows unbiased towards picking any one student. It also builds up anticipation of who will be picked!






Countdown Timer2. Countdown Timer

Complete with sound effects, this countdown allows everyone to see the time left to complete a task.






Arcade Games3. Arcade Game Generator

Create arcade games based on a topic of your choice. There are also many templates and sample games already created, so make sure to take advantage!



Arcade Games4. Jigsaw Diagram

Create a structured and organised diagram which is easy to follow or mix the pieces up and allow students to piece the jigsaw together.



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