Blogging Made Easy

Weeble has made blogging ‘Surprisingly Easy‘. A realistic, easy-to-use, student-friendly blogging resource; I love it!

Here is my Easy guide to Weebly blogging, its as simply as 1, 2, 3!

Weeble class1. Easy to set up

Setting up a new account is as easy as typing a new username, password and your e-mail address.

I was surprised at how easy it then was in setting up a new class and adding students which is all done by clicking a button ‘Add a student’ or ‘Add a class’.



weebly-homepage-live-demo-animation2. Easy to Build

‘Click and Drag’. Customizing your pages is as easy as choosing an element such as Media, Gallery, YouTube clip etc and dragging it into position on your page.

Giving your page structure is also as easy as clicking and dragging the ‘column’ button and adding to the page. You can decide how wide or how long your page is.




weebly 73. Easy to Add Pages 

Simply click ‘Add Page’. You have the choice of three pages as seen in the picture; Standard, Blog and External Link.

Title your page and begin to build your new page with the ‘click and drag’ routine once again!

I made four pages and was able to build them all different one from another;  Home, R.E., Business Studies and Contact me. I loved how easy this was.




Now that you can see how easy it is to set up Weebly, here are some of the additional benefits of Weebly.

Weebly 9Privacy

Privacy setting are everything they should be! Both student and teacher blogs are password protected and student blog comments are withheld until permission is giving by the teacher. Sites are automatically private so nobody can view them unless you change to public.

weebly 5Variety

There are an endless amount of themes which are available to use. I can assure you that not one blog will be the same! Unlike WordPress the majority of these themes are free to use, which allows students to pick a theme more suited to their own personal interests.


weebly 3Support From Weebly

Video tutorials are on hand to help and guide you on your Weebly journey. After being ‘thrown into the deep’ with this assignment I was very grateful for these videos as they helped me loads with step by step examples and guides.


weVisually Appealing and Creative 

Weebly is colourful, bright and visually stimulating to use for both students and teacher. It also enables students to become very creative with their blog.




Although it has its many advantages, I also came across one or two disadvantages!

Student E-mailassignments

Some aspects of Weebly may need students to use their e-mail address, which is not very practical. For example, this forum (on the right) allows students to upload their assignment but it requires an e-mail address. Very few students would be willing to give their e-mail addresses unless they have school e-mail addresses.



Student FreedomWeeble class 1

Although teachers can access students’ sites and withhold student blog comments, students have the freedom to create, build and add elements to their sites without the teachers permission. This includes adding media such as pictures and videos. This means that the teacher must constantly check that material uploaded is appropriate for student sties, which is very time consuming if you have a class of 10 +, and not very practical.


Overall my experience with Weebly was very positive with very little disadvantages. I am now encouraged to use blogging as a new methodology in teaching and I would encourage you to go ahead and try Weebly for yourself as it certainly is ‘Surprisingly Easy‘ to use.

weebly 6


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