Animated Films for S.P.H.E

After a marathon of Disney films over the weekend, I began to realize the educational value Disney films and animated films hold. Concepts like Friendship, Bullying, Decision making and Who I am, are all central themes to Disney.

Although animated films are more associated with primary school children, I think they are perfect as a S.P.H.E. as the themes are central features in the S.P.H.E. curriculum.

beauty and the beast

Beauty and the Beast

“Don’t judge the book by the cover.”






Decision Making – To disobey her family and culture in order to do the right thing by her father.

The view of women.



lion kingThe Lion King

Finding who I am / Finding your Destiny

“Hakuna Matata” – no worries



Toy-StoryToy Story 

The Importance of Friendship

Everyone is Different



Hunchback of Notre DameHunchback of NotreDame





The LoraxThe Lorax

Environmental Issues





Environmental Issues





Importance of relationships between youth and elderly

Feel free to add to this list!


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