Educational Films for R.E.

Who doesn’t love to watch a good movie? I believe films are a great educational tool for R.E. lessons. They have all the combined elements (music, emotion, graphics, sound effects etc.) to engage students in the learning process. Films teach their lesson’s through metaphors where students must “read between the lines”. Combine the films with blooms taxonomy of questions and students engage in a real discussion about the topic of the movie.

Some people may believe that watching films in the classroom is a waste of time and noneducational however, it is quite the opposite. Films illustrate real life events, social movements and many more important lessons. I have found associating a classroom topic with a film allows the students to understand the concept better and hold onto the meaning.

However, like all good educational tools, do not over use! You don’t want the label of the “teacher who watches films all the time!” I tend to use them as an educational treat!

Below, I have listed a number of films which consist of both contemporary and classic movies.

Soul Suffer

The Search for Meaning and Value

Soul Suffer

Letters to God

Schindlers List

Remember Me

The boy in the Stripped Pajamas

Millor Dollar BabyIllness and Euthanasia

Million Dollar Baby (Euthanasia)

My Sisters Keeper (Terminal Illness)



remember the titansRacism

The Green Mile

Remember the Titian’s

The Help

Mississippi Burning

Please feel free to add to my list!


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