Religion and Science

Science and Religion

Is it mad to suggest that a science teacher and religion teacher could work together? Surely in the 21st Century we can recognize that theology and science can be understood as offering compatible rather than contradictory explanations (Share the Good News).

R.E. teachers must recognize that students have a right to engage in scientific explorations of nature and science teachers must help students understand that theories are based in observation and logic not an anti-religious agenda.

When both the R.E. and science teacher work together – rather than highlighting a superior subject over another – then we can help students develop as critical thinkers. Across all disciplines in school life, students should be encouraged to be discerning judges and be encouraged to practice the habit of constantly asking questions.

We must remember that when our beliefs challenge some controversial topics (including science and religion) those topics become taboo. If we can talk civilly and openly about scientific theories and religious beliefs, hopefully neither will become taboo in our schools.

Here is a link to a website which offers good resources for teaching Science and Religion .  The resources explore ‘a wide array of religious perspectives on scientific questions, and scientific perspectives on topics of interest to various religious groups.’



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