Cross Curricular Connections


There are endless possible areas in which we can make cross-curricular connections between the various subjects in school. So let’s stop isolating subjects into separate pillars of learning and enable students to make the connections between the different subjects they are learning.

Here are just some examples I have thought about;

  • Science and Religion – Evolution/Big Bang Theory
  • Religion and S.P.H.E. – Influences and Decision Making
  • Home Economics and S.P.H.E. – Physical Health
  • Business and S.P.H.E – Self Management
  • Home Economics and Biology – Digestive System/Nutrition
  • History and Science – Scientists/Inventions
  • Maths and Business – Tax Calculations
  • History and Geography – Rivers/Settlements
  • Business and Home Economics – The Consumer
  • Science and Music – Sound
  • Maths and Science – Time, Distance and Travel
  • Geography and Science – Pollution/Climate Change/The Water Cycle

Feel free to add more to the list!


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