My honest reflection on blogging


Scary! Yes that’s it, that’s the one! The perfect word to describe my feelings about blogging!

It reminds me of my fear of my little brother getting his hands on my diary because that’s what this is; my personal online diary! It’s scary thinking other people are going to read it (or nobody at all) but at the same time I think it’s a move in the right direction.

Thinking about my childhood diary, I asked myself; why did I started it? Why did I want to put my feelings on paper? My answers justified my reasons to give blogging a try, (that and the fact it’s a part of my M.A. course!). It’s a way of writing from the heart, exactly what I was doing at 10 years old.

At the moment, my worries ahead of my new adventure out-number any positive feelings I have about blogging.

Firstly, the task of being authentic. Surely every blogger starting off must worry about having a blog that is authentic, right? Or is it just me? I would like to think that my blog will be a representative of me both personally and professionally while maintaining my integrity. Authentic in the way that I can share authentic resources and opinions

However, my biggest worry at the moment is interest and time. Will I have enough vested interest to continue updating it? Where do I find the time that I don’t necessarily have? As a young mother and a post-graduate student (also an unemployed teacher) I find it hard to justify spending what little spare time I have, on a computer because if I’m honest, I spend enough time online already!

Ok, not to make it all doom and gloom, one thing I do look forward to is writing about issues and topics in education that have meaning to me and being able to share and express them through a new and exciting online resource.

So my challenges ahead of my new adventure involve; finding and allocating time, even if it includes less time on my preferred social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), finding ways of making my blog authentic and finally, embracing blogging as a step forward in my learning process as an educator.

Finally I leave you with this thought as an educator;

As educators is it enough to say we embrace the use of technology in the classroom and in education? (What does the word embrace mean?)