A resource worth sharing

In my previous post, I asked the question;

As educators is it enough to say we embrace the use of technology in the classroom and in education?

Does embracing technology simply stand for, we accept and we use it within the classroom and within our school? If so, my answer to this is No because this is simply not enough. In order for technology to become a true resource for learning, it must be used effectively, with real and purposeful learning outcomes. I truly believe “embracing technology is one thing, whereas using technology effectively is another matter altogether.” (Green & Sigafoos, 2007, p.3)

The resource I wish to share holds a variety of R.E. resources, which helps the R.E. teacher to both embrace and use technology effectively in the classroom, as the resources are interactive, vibrant, visual, informative, student-friendly, encouraging and so on.

My resource is a UK based website for primary schools. However, I cannot stress enough the significant value it holds for R.E. teaching in Irish secondary schools.

As you can see from the image, a key resource under each Religion is PowerPoint and Word Documents. Simply download and use or download and edit, but keep forever! Brilliant isn’t it! This is my favourite resource for R.E. as I have built up a collection of PowerPoint’s for many religious topics, usable at all levels of the Junior Certificate (unfortunately not the Leaving Certificate).

My tip for this resource;

Put your stamp on it; Try use these resources as templates or the foundations of great resources made by you. Edit, create, change, adapt, add, minimize content, etc…Do all this and more and make the resource authentic to you!

Hope you enjoy exploring these wonderful resources at;



WARNING!! Do not become over reliant on the use of PowerPoint presentations, as they can become “boring and visually unappealing.” (Thompson, 2008, p.4).


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